IRA Rollover Solutions LogoIRA Rollover Solutions a NEFA member, offers a program that creates a self-directed retirement structure that permits individuals to actively invest their retirement funds into a franchise or business without taking a taxable distribution or incurring early withdrawal penalties.

Using a IRA as a funding source for new or existing businesses adds significant advantages over debt type financing. Because retirement funds can be structured as an investment into the business, there are no corresponding debts that can increase business overhead.

For more information about using this vechicle to fund a franchise or business purchase contact: Tom McDonald, 877.765.5636, to or Rick Cox, 877.765.5636,

IRA Rollover Solutions is the sponsor of NEFA’s September 16th Meeting.

Sponsorship of dinner meetings by NEFA members is important to NEFA because it allows NEFA to maintain reasonable prices for its dinner meetings.

To be a NEFA Sponsor please contact Jim Coen,, or 617-469-3002.

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