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Bankers One Capital is a nationally recognized finance firm that specializes in the debt and equity placement for start-up, business acquisition, and commercial real estate transactions. Our industry focus is franchise, hospitality, medical, restaurant, and commercial real estate investments. Our clients include both new single and multi-unit franchise system operators, real estate developers and investors, medical professionals and general business owners.

Bankers One Capital provide comprehensive financing advisory services to franchise operators, single asset and portfolio hotel investors, real estate investors, restaurant owners, medical professionals, and general business owners. We also work closely with the senior management team of established franchised systems to arrange sale / leaseback financing on corporate stores to raise strategic capital and the development of a turn-key plan solution for re-franchising corporate owned and operated units. The firm has unique access to an abundance of capital sources through its significant relationships with some of the most competitive and largest financial resources in the country, as well as with many small to regional bank partners and institutional investment banking firms.

Bankers One Capital continues to be one of the most highly referred firm by industry professionals and takes pride in being one of the top preferred choices that they send their valued clients to obtain  project financing. The firm’s superior capital relationships and exceptional analytics and structuring capabilities are combined to deliver swift execution on the best possible financing solution for its clients.

Reginald Heard, CEO and President of Bankers One Capital recently joined NEFA and is the sponsor of NEFA’s May 20th Meeting with featured speaker Darrell Johnson of FRANdata.

Thank you, Reginald, we appreciate your support!

Bankers One Capital
Reginald Heard

10 South Street – Unit #71
Danbury CT 06810

Sponsorship of dinner meetings by NEFA members is important to NEFA because it allows NEFA to maintain reasonable prices for its dinner meetings.

To be a NEFA Sponsor please contact Jim Coen, jimcoen@nefranchise.org, or 617-469-3002.

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