Utilizing Retirement Savings as a Funding Source.

With small business loans and second mortgages scarce these days, some middle age entrepreneurs are starting companies using their retirement savings, a novel financing method that is helping people get into their own business.

Jon Wilson and Larry Blasier discovered the retirement financing option when together they decided they wanted to open a MAACO Franchise in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Jon and Larry shared a passion for restoring cars and were excited when they were approved to build a MAACO in their community. Jon has worked 21 years for the California Department of Corrections and Larry has worked 27 years for Long Beach Transit.

They both knew that this was what they wanted to do. The investment required to open a MAACO was approximately $296,500.00. That was more cash than they had available so they needed to assemble a financing plan. IRA Rollover Solutions of Kirkland, WA a NEFA Member set up a C Corporation for them, a designation which allows a company to issue private shares of stock. Then a profit-sharing retirement plan was created within the corporation, making it eligible to accept pretax retirement contributions, without penalty or tax consequences.

Both Jon and Larry rolled over $75,000 each from their retirement savings, into the profit-sharing plan. As a result, the C Corporation could then use the money to invest in a MAACO franchise. They were also able to secure an additional $350,000 thru a SBA Loan provided by Small Business Loan Source, of Houston TX. The SBA Loan came in at 2 ½ points over Prime for 10 years 6 months, with the first six months interest only.

Jon Wilson knew right away when he contacted IRA Rollover Solutions, “this company was the right one for us. Rick Cox and Tom McDonald knew exactly what we wanted to do and handled the whole process with ease. We were never in the dark about anything and they were very professional in all aspects of getting our corporation established and us getting the start up money we needed.”

Jon and Larry have worked hard other the last few months is getting their MAACO franchise off the ground they signed a lease in August at 770 Capitolio Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. They are scheduled to open by December 1st.

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