The Law Offices of Suzanne C. Cummings & Associates wants you to know that if you are a Massachusetts-based franchisor or franchisee, you will want to be aware of an amendment that was passed on August 5, 2010 impacting employees’ access to their personnel records.  Employers in Massachusetts were already required to provide an employee or ex-employee access to his/her personnel record within five (5) business days of such a request, but now, the law requires that employers notify employees when certain types of information are added to their records.

Employers must now notify employees within ten (10) days of placing any information in an employee’s record that is, has been or may be used to negatively affect the employee’s qualification for employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation or the possibility that the employee will be subject to disciplinary action.

The new amendment further states that an employer is only required to allow an employee to review his/her personnel record two times per calendar year.  The new notification review described above, however, does not count toward the new maximum.

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