There are of several changes related to criminal offender record  information (CORI) that will become effective in 2012.

Starting in February, 2012, Massachusetts employers who obtain an applicant’s criminal offender record (CORI) information MUST provide a copy of it to the applicant.

Furthermore, a company that conducts five (5) or more criminal background investigations a year must have a written criminal offender policy stating that it will:

  1. Notify the applicant of the potential adverse decision based on the criminal offender record information.
  2. Provide a copy of the criminal offender record information and the policy to the applicant.
  3. Provide information concerning the process for correcting a criminal record.

CORIs will also become available via the internet in February, 2012 with limited access but which will include individuals who are evaluating current and prospective employees.  The information available will be limited to felony convictions for ten (10) years; misdemeanor convictions for five (5) years; and any pending criminal charges. If you have any questions related to employment law, be sure to check with your attorney or go to for further information.  For information on the Law Offices of Suzanne C. Cummings & Associates, P.C., please visit our website at or call (781) 481-9090 or (800) 982-9636.


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