Massachusetts employers who employ six (6) or more people are required to adopt sexual harassment policies informing employees that harassment is unlawful and that it is also unlawful to retaliate against an employee for complaining of harassment or for cooperating in an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.  The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has adopted a model sexual harassment policy that employers may use to comply with the requirement to have a policy.  It can be found at Mass Government.

Massachusetts employers are also required to provide their sexual harassment policy to employees annually and to all new employees upon hire.  One way to remember to distribute the policy annually is to do it during the first quarter of each new year; be sure to have some record (a read receipt for an email or a signed receipt) that each employee has received the policy. 

Submitted by:  Cheri L. Crow, Esq., Law Offices of Suzanne C. Cummings & Associates, P.C.,

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