General Description:
Active member of the Zone Development team, who is responsible for sourcing, evaluating, qualifying and approving both BCP and
Traditional franchise candidates. Develops and maintains an active candidate pipeline to include outside candidates and existing
franchisees who are multiple approved; ensuring there is an adequate pipeline to meet the needs of both existing and new store inventory.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Establishes sources and methods to recruit both BCP and Traditional franchise candidates. This is done primarily through open houses, as
well as active recruiting of existing retail establishments for possible BCP conversion. Evaluates, qualifies and approves both BCP and
Traditional franchise candidates by:
- Presenting the franchising opportunity for both BCP and Traditional franchise models.
- Reviews applications, and conducts initial screening interviews with prospective candidates.
- Requests and reviews various documents/information to determine initial minimum qualifications of applicants.
- Administers and evaluates results from the Franchise Inventory Test (FRI).
- Conducts ongoing informational and behavioral interviews of all franchise candidates.
- Presents, explains and verifies understanding of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
- Notifies in writing/Informs in person if candidate is disqualified during any portion of the qualification process Reviews business plans to determine the appropriate level of business acumen and verification of the candidates understanding, acceptance of 7-Eleven’s business

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Education: Bachelors/4 Yr Degree Experience: 2 years, 7-Eleven Field Consultant experience working with 7-Eleven franchisees. Extensive
understanding of company’s business systems and strategies. Complete understanding of the 7-Eleven franchise agreement. Business
Acumen to evaluate the applicant’s business plan and financial projections. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, along with good public speaking ability..

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