Roger McManus, a battle-scarred, veteran entrepreneur, collaborates with Kevin Dubois one of the dry cleaning industry’s brightest stars, to develop an entirely different perspective on the subject of dry cleaning business ownership. “Entrepreneurial Insanity in the Dry Cleaning Business hits home for those who ‘walk the walk’”, comments co-author McManus. The book challenges the owners of dry cleaning businesses to look at whether they are limiting their scope to that of a “small business” or they have expanded their view to be that of an entrepreneur. It defines the question and describes how a dry cleaner can tell the difference between small business ownership and entrepreneurism. And, surprisingly, the analysis is less about money than it is about attitude. This is all about operating systems that allow a business to run. If the systems are in place, the owner is almost irrelevant. “When the right systems are in place, the owner”, Dubois quips, “can essentially manage the business from an iPhone.” The book challenges the owners of dry cleaning businesses to keep their personal involvement in perspective, and to get real about the business! The ideas in this book will forever change how the motivated dry cleaner will view his or her profession – and life. The concept behind Entrepreneurial Insanity rests on that premise; love what you do, but work toward having a life and a business that are separate entities. Chances are very good that someday these two entities will want (or need) to take divergent paths. This book lays out the case for, and the strategy by which, professional dry cleaners can grow their business and regain their freedom. This book is the product of “entrepreneurial insanity”. Growth is the only cure.

by Roger T McManus (Author), Kevin Dubios (Author)

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