“Rethink Everything!” Workshop

Please join NEFA on 4/17 for a very special program “Rethink Everything”. Program will be led by Evan Hackel

When: April 17, 2019
Time: 10:00 am – 2:30 pm
Where: Crowe Plaza, Woburn, MA

Evan is going to have you thinking about your business from a completely different filter. This program is very interactive and is unlike anything we have every offered before. This is a proven method, which he has used before with great success. Every person will have a different outcome.

Want to create breakthrough ideas and innovation?

In this innovative experiential workshop, we are going to challenge how you think about your business.

This is not a traditional workshop, you will be actively participating and challenging your belief systems. All with the goal of creating breakthrough ideas and insights.

This workshop, is ideal for anyone, although our focus will be franchising, the concepts and experiences are valid for any business.

Registration is required!

Members: $75 per person
Non-Members: $100 per person

Quotes from others who have attended Evan’s workshop:

The “Rethink Everything” exercise, utilized by Evan Hackel at the FranOps conference was one of the most powerful and differentiated experiences I’ve encountered at an event. It was bold, fun, insightful, and i found it to be cathartic. I highly recommend this experience for other executives looking to open themselves up to new ways of thinking.
Keith Gerson, CFE – Frannconnect

Attending the 2018 Ingage Franchise Operations Performance “Rethink Everything” Summit was a transformative experience for myself both personally and professional. I highly recommend it.
Andrew Bush – Neighborly Brands (Formally the Dwyer Group)

I participated in Evan’s re-think everything experience and loved it so much that I took it and facilitated the activity at our annual convention. It was powerful and really opened up our minds and hearts, which we are all better for.
Corey DeNicola – Mainstream Boutique

The Rethink Everything activity was an amazing way to immediately feel comfortable in a room full of franchisor peers. It allowed us to put our guard down and gave us the ability to be open-minded and vulnerable. It made such an impact that I performed the same exercise with my team; the results genuinely brought us closer together and have made us a stronger group overall.
Brendan Powers – College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving

I’ve been in franchising for the past 20 years; both on the franchisor and franchisee sides of the fence. In all honestly, prior to attending the “Re-Think Everything” Experience, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect having been to dozens of what I supposed were similar events. I could not have been more wrong. This event stand heads and tails above all other events, if for nothing else, it’s interactivity and objectivity. No personal or professional stones are left unturned. This is by far the best 2 1/2 day event I’ve ever participated in; there are no platitudes — no escapes — you learn and walk away with actionable intelligence from peers who you never thought would be in your same shoes. Thank you to Evan and Cordell — you gentlemen truly put on a one of a kind event!
Bryce Ebeling – Maestro, Inc.