Company Culture: Building an Environment for Sustainable Growth

This event has been postponed from March 22nd to March 30th

Date: March 30, 2018
Time: 11-2 pm
Location: Hilton Boston Woburn, MA
Cost: $45 NEFA members / $60 non-NEFA members

Join us for a highly interactive and energetic discussion on how to help ensure your organization is poised for the future. The discussion will be facilited by Evan Hackel, leadership consultant, keynote speaker, profit-builder, and more. Evan spent 20 years on the top executive team at CCA Global Partners, where he led four international business divisions with more than 2000 units that earned more than $5 billion in sales. He currently serves as Co-Chair of the IFA’s Knowledge Sharing Committee and is a current and former board member of many organizations, cooperatives and groups to which he lends his expertise